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Posted: Mar 20 2009 04:39 PM

I would like to talk to customer service. Send me a phone number or call me at [edited]. Thank you. Neil Berman.

Posted Mar 20 2009 04:39 pm by Gu***st


We apologize, but we advertise that we do not have telephone support so that we can keep our prices competitively low. This ticket system is the best way to communicate with us. Using it, we can track your conversation and keep a record of it for the best possible assistance. This way, any of our representatives can help you and understand and respond to your situation. Please let us know how we can help.

Kind regards,

AH Customer Care

Posted Mar 20 2009 11:44 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin


Posted Mar 20 2009 11:44 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

I am trying to hire a company that does what you advertise you do. The first time I tried your system there was no record of my bid, so I don't know if either you did not bid or if my bid was lower than the existing bid when you made my bid. I am trying again now, but this time I am bidding higher that the item is worth as a test. If I do not buy it because I am outbid or if I do buy it, then you have a new customer. If neither happens, then I will have to find some one else to do business with. Correct me if I am wrong please. Neil Berman.

Posted Mar 21 2009 12:25 am by Gu***st


Your first snipe with us was item 220366807621, you bid 255 but the final cost was $406.

The reason your bid did not register is because it was not high enough at the time to register. Don't forget eBay's rules of proxy bidding.

There is a link in the FAQ I would like to direct you to that might also give some additional helpful information. I have provide the link below for your convenience.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, and we will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Mar 21 2009 12:47 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

The link is changed. It is now

Posted Mar 21 2009 12:47 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

You are correct and I was wrong. I see that with the second test item. I have purchased your service. Thank you. N.

Posted Mar 21 2009 12:49 am by Gu***st


Actually I don't think you were wrong, you were just asking ... never hurts to ask! Thanks for your business.

Posted Mar 21 2009 01:43 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

Ticket closed

Posted Mar 21 2009 05:52 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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