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Posted: Apr 20 2009 04:11 PM

Posted as a followup to the solved ticket #3943.

Hi Ted W.

An unexpected business trip made me leve for some time and made me concentrate an several business projects of my real job. I ask for understanding.

Back home I cross-checked the link in question and finally found out why I had the impression so far, getting no "real" access to the German version of bidslammer.

Please note:

1 - I am NO professional computer expert nor a hobby enthusiast of computers - I made my (successful) experience in using US-BidSlammer recommended by an American friend. I am sharing HIS account occasionally and with great success.

I am running three companies in cutlery business, developing, manufacturing and distributing knives to customers all over the world.

2 - I am NO trained interpreter to English language.

I am native GERMAN but my business with customers abroad makes me talk English every day.

So I must ask for understanding if my report is in STEALTHY English. So far our customers and my US friends did accept it for communicating!

In general I must satate that obviously there are [b]NO OTSTANDING faults[/b], and that the homepage in question [b]does clear probably most points of interest [/b]of a possible reader/user.

Anyway I fear, that the German translation will [u]confuse[/u] most German users, will annoy them and make them [b]pass on your project[/b].

Various topics are quite hard to understand, several terms are literally translations and do not match with standard German language terms.

I believe, that such translation does not give the impression of a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, making it difficult to convince a possible user of any kind of advantage by bidslamming.

Note: The English word "[b]BidSlammer[/b]" probably is nearly completely unknown in German language contries. I understand it as a [b]TRADEMARK[/b] and it might be established even as German language term, such as "eBay" did successfully. Anyway such a term must be explained in German language unless a possible user learns its intention.

I believe that "[b]sniping[/b]" is used on the English "bidslammer" homepage frequently, but due to limited time did not cross-check. This word and its sence while being looked up in any German-English directory will definitively confuse German readers. There is a possible translation "Hinterhalt" meaning "ambush" - but such German word has a very [u]NEGATIVE connotation [/u]or will surely cause a bad feeling and would not at all be a good recommendation for "BidSlammer".

Let me briefly show up just a few "problems" of the head of that homepage in question:

[u][b]1 - top line [/b][/u]"Wie könnte eBay-Sniping noch einfacher sein?"

[engl: How eBay-Sniping might be easier]

"Sniping" (as indicated above) is no German term, I believe it is unknown even to most Germans which have some knowledge of English language.

To my FEELING it should be replaced by another German word, such as "[b]Agent[/b]". (BTW: eBay Germany has co-operating partners beeing named aBay Agent.)

Additionally this top line must not at all be written in "[u]subjunctive" form [/u](germ. "Könnte [engl.might"]) but as 'matter of fact' form:

"[i]Steigern Sie den Erfolg Ihrer eBay-Gebote mit Ihrem persönlichen Bietagenten "bidslammer[/i][b][/b]"

[engl: Improve your success of eBay by using your personal bidslammer].

[u][b]2 - top line right[/b][/u]:

"Lesen Sie unsere Zehn Gründe, die für Snipen sprechen."

[eng. Read our Ten causes to use sniping]

"Lesen Sie" [engl. Read ...] should be deleted.

The blue color of the following underlined text does indicate a link, and the reader will be directed there automatically.

"... unsere Gründe ... "[engl. our causes ...] are "bidslammer's" causes. Delete "ours" to convince the reader, that such causes are the reader's ones!

The number "10" must NOT start with the capital letter "Z"

and should read "zehn Gründe",

or as expression ALL capital letters "ZEHN GRÜNDE" [engl. TEN CAUSES]

... as above "sniping" is no German term.

I suggest the short term link:

"[i]10 Gründe, die für Ihren persönlichen Agenten sprechen[/i][b][/b]"

[u][b]3.1 - headline left[/b][/u]

"Gewinnen Sie mehr Auktionen für weniger Geld!"

[engl. Win more auctions for less money!]

Such a goal is impossible to reach, finally you should win "all" auctions "without" money.

Such terms are NOT reliable!

[u][b]3.2 headline right[/b][/u]

Benutzen Sie unseren eBay „Auction Sniper“!

If at all the "German" term should read "Auktions-Sniper", but it probably should be better to use the German term "Auktions-Agent" having a positive connotation.

Both sentences might easily be combined:

" [b]BidSlammer - Ihr persönlicher Agent bei eBay.[/b] "

[u][b]4. main chapter[/b][/u]

" BidSlammer ist ein „Auction Sniper“! Seit dem Jahr 2000 ... "

To my feeling the starting informationshould show up [b]to whom BidSlammer [/b]is addressing and who will make a benefit:

[i][b]Sind Sie Käufer bei eBay? [Are you eBay bidder?]

Möchten Sie Ihren Erfolg bei eBay steigern? [Do you want to improve your success on eBay? ]

Wollen Sie Ihren Streß bei eBay-Geboten reduzieren?

[Do you want to reduce stress while bidding?]

Unsere seit langem erfolgreich erprobte Auktions-Software BidSlammer verschafft Ihnen ungeahnte Vorteile.

[Our successfully and long-term adopted auctions software is providing unimagined benefit!][/b][/i]

The main chapter should follow then but should be [b]revised in detail[/b]. Necessarily the "[u]10 causes[/u]" should be [b]numbered individually [/b]to facilitate the readers/customers attention.

I have no idea if this brief and rough comment is what you and /or the executive were expecting, nor how this project is scheduled to be finished.

If you like further advise please do not mind to let me know.

Best regards

Henning Ritter

Posted Apr 20 2009 04:11 pm by Gu***st


This is fantastic help. Did we ever agree on $100 credit for the service? I am happy to give this to you or split with your friend.

We were considering to hire this company for 7 other languages. However, based on your feedback, I am very concerned. I believe at this time I should reconsider.

Some things may be okay, since most Germans do understand the term "sniper" or "snipen". However, some of your other feedback seems to be a very big mistake.

For the price I paid for this, I believe that I should not see "BIG" mistakes. I think the little mistakes are okay.

Thank you so much. Please tell me if $100 site credit is agreeable, I have spoken with many, and I do not remember our exact agreement.

Kind regards!

Posted Apr 20 2009 07:02 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

I forwarded this thread to the translation company.

Posted Apr 20 2009 07:13 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin


Please give me the name of your friend's account, I will add some money into his account.

Posted Apr 21 2009 08:36 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

Ticket closed

Posted Apr 24 2009 09:43 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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