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Failed snipe

Posted: Feb 03 2009 06:23 PM

[b]BS Userid:[/b] vigorello

[b]eBay Item No.:[/b] 110343623249

Once again, my snipe has failed. I'm getting fed up with this. If you can't provide the service, give me my money back and I'll go elsewhere. No reply from my previous complaints. Very unimpressed.

Posted Feb 03 2009 06:23 pm by Gu***st


I checked the log and we are placing your bids. I can investigate, it is always one of the reasons on these pages though. Our best links on this subject are here:

[url]Setting up for successful sniping[/url]

[url]Why did I lose?[/url].

I can check.

Posted Feb 04 2009 12:01 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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