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Failed snipe

Posted: May 08 2009 12:14 PM


Your bid did not register because it did not meet the minimum bid increment at the time it was placed. Here is the error message that was returned by eBay when we placed your snipe:

"The following must be corrected before continuing: Enter US $30.99 or more"

A bid that is too low will not register on the bid list because it is rejected by eBay. You didn't do anything wrong - the bid was just not high enough.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Best Regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted May 08 2009 02:39 pm by Gu***st

[b]BS Userid:[/b] andog787

[b]eBay Item No.:[/b] 290314109028

Hi: I'm new to bidslammer, so may not actually have a problem. However, I tried to snipe on the above-referenced ebay item, and my bid, although too low, doesn't register on the ebay bid list. This was a test item for me, and I am very motivated to buy the rest of the items on my snipe list. Can you please advise if this is normal, or if I need to do something differently? Thanks, Drew ogilvie

Posted May 08 2009 12:14 pm by Gu***st

Ticket closed

Posted May 08 2009 08:10 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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