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SlamIt not working

Posted: Feb 04 2009 05:35 AM

I'm so sorry, I've never been stumped. I don't know if you have IE 7 somewhere else? I even ordered "Fusion" to try windows on our macs.

Posted Feb 04 2009 07:10 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

Which of those 2 ideas did you use in that thread?

Posted Feb 04 2009 05:46 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

I tried both, but with no luck. The problem seems to be that the icon won't 'drag and drop'.

Posted Feb 04 2009 06:06 am by Gu***st

Posted as a followup to the solved ticket #3482.

I give up. I've tried every combination of setting I can find and nothing has worked. I just can't get the SlamIt pop-up icon on my tool bar.

Posted Feb 04 2009 05:35 am by Gu***st

Actually, I'm suing IE7. I'm going to try rebooting again, but after that I'm giving up. You can close the ticket.


Posted Feb 04 2009 01:19 pm by Gu***st

Make that [i]using[/i], not [i]suing[/i]!

Posted Feb 04 2009 01:25 pm by Gu***st

LOL maybe we should sue after all. I meant did you have another computer with IE7.

I'm not done with this... I am going to put IE7 on a machine here and let you know.

Posted Feb 04 2009 09:14 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

Thanks for all your effort! I do have a new laptop, but don't have it set up yet. BTW, SlamIt was working fine up until last Thursday or thereabouts. I felt that the problem might have been the result of the maintenance that was done on BidSlammer.

Posted Feb 04 2009 09:20 pm by Gu***st

That other text I mailed you would fix it, that's the old toolbar. I don't know how to get you this text thought, the ttx system changes it.

Posted Feb 05 2009 05:59 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

Enclosed, is a text file with 1 line.

"EDIT" the address field of your current slam-it toolbar. or just make a new one.

The address is in the doc file. Just paste it in.


Name: Slam-It!

Address: (paste enclosed)

Posted Feb 06 2009 06:50 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

p.s. yes we "upgraded" the slam-it to work with firefox. i guess we should have tested better on IE7.

Posted Feb 06 2009 06:52 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

Ticket closed

Posted Feb 08 2009 12:50 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

You are a genius!! That did it! THANKS!!

Posted Feb 06 2009 12:36 pm by Gu***st

I couldn't test it so I had to look reeeallll close.

Okay sorry you had to be the guinea pig on this... I gave you 5 free snipes for the trouble, just a token thank you.

Any other suggestions for the software? We can add stuff easy .. we just need ideas! Thanks.. come you must have ONE idea.


Posted Feb 06 2009 03:02 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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