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bid slammer balance

Posted: Jul 20 2009 11:12 PM

Ticket closed

Posted Jul 21 2009 04:18 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

[b]BS Userid:[/b] msnlinke531

My account balance shows $2.20 remaining. My accounting indicates there should be more. Can you verify the exact amount of my balance ?

Posted Jul 20 2009 11:12 pm by Gu***st


We posted a message that answers your question, on your home page. Considerations are as follows.

1. We did not bill some accounts at the time of the snipe for 3 weeks, so part of it simply is that your account was tallied.

2. For about 47 accounts, the "snipe count" or the "balance" was negative by about $5-$10 or so or by 5-10 snipes. So we "dumped" any negative snipe counts into snipe dollars.

3. In making these changes, we tried to make it so that customers only had EITHER snipes OR dollars. So in a few cases we traded snipes at a value of $1 each if you had 20 or less.

4. There is a bug where if you do actually own both snipes AND dollars, only the snipes will show and not the balance.

#4 will be resolved, by sending email and giving you an opportunity to exchange the snipes for dollars.

Posted Jul 20 2009 11:28 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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