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poor service

Posted: Feb 05 2009 08:38 PM

[b]BS Userid:[/b] vigorello

I have raised 5 tickets with you, only received one response with an unhelpful reply. I notice that most of these now have invalid access keys, which I assumed means you have cancelled them as you consider them solved - well I don't. The ticket numbers are 3523, 3521, 3510, 3509, 3531.

I would be grateful if you would look at these please and not just toss my questions in the bin. Let's see some real customer service.

Posted Feb 05 2009 08:38 pm by Gu***st


We always respond quickly. What is your issue? I am glad to help.

Posted Feb 05 2009 10:43 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

Well if your reviewed the tickets I raised you would see what my issue is. I had 3 out of 3 failed snipes where I had bidded significantly higher than the winning bid. I have not received a satisfactory explanation why this occurred. If you tell me to check the FAQs again I might throw my computer out of the window in frustration. It is not true that you always respond quickly since there are three tickets where I received no response at all and the access keys have become invalid. This is obviously a waste of my time, I have no faith that any snipe I place will be executed correctly and I want a refund for my remaining snipes.

Posted Feb 05 2009 10:59 pm by Gu***st


We had posted a message on the website about how eBay changed the format of their item page and we missed a few snipes. On the first day you wrote in there was a huge red error message posting and you bleeped over it and wrote in, so the reference to the site status (not FAQ) was appropriate in that case. Rest assured bids are all successful.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks again for your business!

Kind regards,

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Feb 06 2009 12:32 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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