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Bidslammer Says I Won When I Did Not

Posted: May 13 2009 08:14 PM

One of my snipes indicates that I won when actually my bid was too low. How do I recover this snipe to my account?

Posted May 13 2009 08:14 pm by Gu***st


Sorry for the confusion. I have your account pulled up, let me know the item number or the last 5 digits of the item number and I will credit you.

My understanding of this bug is that it happens in a few niche situations when the minimum bid increment is not quite met. Once I have the item number I can credit you AND fix that bug for next time.


Posted May 13 2009 08:25 pm by Gu***st

Item 320369296549

Posted May 14 2009 05:39 am by Gu***st


I took care of it, thanks for alerting us to this.

Posted May 14 2009 08:42 am by Gu***st

I had the same thing happen with a couple of my slams. I didnt win but baloney says I did. What can be done?

#280437937835 And I believe #190266261576


Posted Dec 20 2009 10:14 pm by Gu***st


It's taken care of. Your second item number was incorrect, but I found the right one and fixed it.

Posted Dec 20 2009 11:25 pm by Gu***st


I had one auction last night and three tonight telling me I won when I clearly did not. The auction numbers are: 310188582843, 110470265195, 310188824566, and 310188826366. Please credit my account.

Thank you,


Posted Dec 21 2009 09:59 pm by Gu***st


I credited those items. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Posted Dec 21 2009 10:48 pm by Gu***st


Thanks for crediting my BidSlammer account for the four auctions. Unfortunately the glitch isn't corrected and it happened again. Auction #280439647323.



Posted Dec 24 2009 11:38 am by Gu***st


Thanks for the information - I credited that snipe.

Posted Dec 24 2009 02:43 pm by Gu***st

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