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Items not showing up when added to a group

Posted: May 24 2009 11:14 AM

I have added a few items and decided to try the group feature. When I created a group and added items, nothing shows up. I know it must be there because when I try to add it again, I get an error message indicating the item is already present in the group.

Posted May 24 2009 11:14 am by Gu***st

Click on your bid group and then click on update on the right side of the page. That should fix it.

Posted May 24 2009 10:53 pm by Gu***st

I tried that already but it did not work. When clicking on update it just takes you to a list of all items, not the ones in the group.

Posted May 25 2009 08:09 pm by Gu***st

It didn't like the apostrophe in your group name, "Ruby's Golf Clubs". The quote was messing up the HTML on the page.

I changed these listings to remove the apostrophe. As a workaround, just leave out the apostrophe when you specify the group name, and it will work. I will see about getting this bug fixed, thanks for the report.

Posted May 26 2009 03:51 am by Gu***st

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