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Balance of Funds/Adding to Balance

Posted: May 27 2009 09:45 AM

For some reason this morning, my home page says that I have no snipes left, although two days ago I was sure I had well over a dozen. I tried adding money but both attempts (one to pay via PayPal and the other to pay directly from a credit card) were unsuccessful. A box comes up on the screen saying that my user ID with ebay is incorrect. Can you help me please - I have some 'must have' auctions coming up this morning. Thanks in advance.

Posted May 27 2009 09:45 am by Gu***st


There was a bug in the display. It is fixed now and your balance should show up correctly. For other billing issues I will have to ask you to use the ticket system. We don't want to post any sensitive information in a public forum.

Thanks for your post.

Posted May 27 2009 11:21 pm by Gu***st

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