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Can't get past "enter snipe" box -

Posted: Jul 05 2009 10:45 PM

I'm not sure what's happening. Logged in to your site, had to revalidate my userid and password since I have not been on for some time. Did so and your site accepted that. I went to the "place a snipe" page, tried to place a snipe on eBay there. Shoots me back to another Log In page every time.

How do I place a free snipe? The dialog box that opened said I had 3 Free Snipes left.



Posted Jul 05 2009 10:45 pm by Gu***st


I will check on your account but I need your BidSlammer user id. You can reply via private message if you wish to keep it private.


Posted Jul 06 2009 09:24 am by Gu***st

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