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Still losing more bids even though I have the highest bid!

Posted: Jul 16 2009 05:38 PM


Once again I lost another bid.I'm not going to ad any more to snipe as I have lost all confidence like I told you before.

I simply would like an explanation as to why this is happening in the last month or so,NEVER before,8 IN A ROW!

I have filled 2 "tickets" over 10 days ago and still have not heard from anyone.

Before you get all angry,take a look at how many years I've been using your service.The least you can do is respond ,It is a reasonable request.


Posted Jul 16 2009 05:38 pm by Gu***st


Regarding your support tickets, all of them have been answered, including the ticket filed at 16:40 today. Concerning 8 misses in a row, one of your recent items, eBay item .....9833, was lost because you did not meet the minimum bid increment.

Please be specific and include item numbers when reporting problems. It makes it much easier to solve problems when we have a clear starting point.

You have had some unexplained misses as we have discussed in previous tickets. I have checked the log files for all of your items and can assure you that the snipes were placed. In most cases the information returned by eBay will indicate the reason for a missed snipe, but sometimes that information simply is not there. I have spent considerable time looking at your account, and will continue to investigate.

This is a difficult situation as it is not a system wide problem. It is not even a consistent problem with your account. Some of your snipes go through and and are lost because you bid too low. Your bids seem to be all in a specific category and that may lead to an answer.


Posted Jul 16 2009 11:31 pm by Gu***st

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