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new pricing

Posted: Feb 06 2009 05:00 PM

Ticket closed

Posted Feb 08 2009 12:50 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

Posted as a followup to the solved ticket #3508.

Hi ted - ok i finally got excel cranked up...

so I've had 58 wins and paid in total $46.42 for all my snipes - under the new scheme i would have paid $116 for that lot! interestingly if you were to make under $10 free the cost of my history would also be $46, but that's a bizarre big cutoff at $10, so a win for $10.01 would cost a user $12. that's gonna make a user think twice.

The previous cutoff would have made that win $11 which is still a big percentage, but at least that dollar stayed constant up to a win of $100

I understand a single fee system must be simpler for your server/avertising/sanity but from a user's pov i think the graduated system 25c-$1-1% was much more functional, by which i mean it always seemed very fair and i never had to give any thought about cutoff points or whatever. I think that was the beauty of your system which you (as a deeply involved person) may not appreciate, i NEVER had to think about it or even consider it, i just used it.

your sniping is truly excellent, and i've recommended it to many of my friends, but i will be using it a hell of a lot less at $2 a pop (and clearly i'm not at the level of paying a monthly subscription). Probably not for anything under $50 (that's 5 of my wins in 4 years - $10 to you). Maybe I'd enjoy using the service for under $10 items too, but there would be a weird (ie very expensive) hinterland $10-50, which i would try hard not to stray into. I bet that's where a HUGE proportion of ebay transactions are too.

I have not even looked at other sniping systems, they don't ever seem to beat me in auctions, what are their charge structures?

Essentially i can see that i'm very much small-fry and your business model would need a large volume of people like me to put much bread on your table, but i reckon that's the ebay thing isn't it, large volumes of small/mid transactions? these transactions would now be the most proportionally expensive - attractive for your bank manager perhaps but not for the user...

It was good!!! why'd ya have to go and 'fix' it?


Posted Feb 06 2009 05:00 pm by Gu***st

1. Let me know what pricing scheme would be fair. Maybe you could use the unlimited monthly which is only $8 per month?

We changed it because people regarded the "bucks" as real money and it caused problems. ;-)

Don't judge by the $10 rate -- you should go by the $50 rate. or at $100 for 175 snipes it is less than 50 cents each and free misses...

2. Have you considered buying $50 worth, this is $1 per snipe. Or the 6-month for $50 is $8 per month? If those are not good options let me know why. The more info the better.

Posted Feb 06 2009 05:44 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

$8 a month? You gotta be joking! i've only spent $46 in 4 years!

"go by the $50 rate" so you want me to buy 4 years worth of sniping upfront?

like i said, the current scheme hits the small-fry. I don't want to tie up that amount of money for my occasional bidding.

lets see how about subscription $12/yr for 40 snipes win or lose, (That's still more than i paid by the old scheme) with a balance that rolls over and an option to top up by 10 for $5. Because it is win or lose I think that would sit ok alongside your other options.

The old scale was, i thought, a fair system. I did not mind paying (such a tiny fee) for losing snipes, it was my risk.

Your new system takes no account of the item price, which i suppose your sniping-machine doesn't need to either - but the *user* certainly is VERY aware of the price. And bizarrely you're taking on the risk of wasting your resources on failed bids.

I think you must be catering for some serious ebay addicts if they're paying these kinds of monthly subscriptions on top of their purchases... I'm relieved to see that my ebay habit is so insignificant!

Posted Feb 06 2009 07:33 pm by Gu***st

Thanks so much for your comments!! This really helps.

Out of the $60 you paid, $44 of it was dimes spent on misses. Not so fair really.

We had customers paying over $200 per month just for sniping. ;-)

Posted Feb 06 2009 09:05 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

oh our calculations are different - from the data you sent me i got 197 total rows, 58 wins $32.52 and 139 misses $13.90

am i doing something wrong?

Posted Feb 06 2009 10:41 pm by Gu***st

Ok I added 10 free snipes for your time helping me here. Let me think about your "per year".... I admit that I like the idea.

Previously we were the only service that "charged" for a miss. I don't know of other services that did it.

What about this. Since our $50 for 6 months is less than $10 a month, how about we have a periodic "special" for legacy members, as follows. Instead of $50 for 6 months you can lock in a 6 months for $30. That is $5 per month totally unlimited.

On our side we lock in the user and hope they may not cancel. On your end you get some seriously cheap sniping!

Let me know, your opinions are great.

Posted Feb 07 2009 06:22 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

I see what's wrong. That list left out some deleted snipes.

Posted Feb 07 2009 04:52 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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