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eBay Requires Sellers to Buy Insurance

Posted: Aug 19 2009 09:13 AM

Feel free to post comments below, please log in first if you don't mind.

eBay has come out with a very controversial announcement that will force sellers to be responsible for their own insurance. In other words, as of September 1, 2009, you will not be able to get insurance on a package unless the seller has specifically built it into the listing already. Many sellers will not offer insurance.

And USPS doesn't offer international insurance.

[i][Edit:][/i] And as someone pointed out below, UPS doesn't always honor their claims (but have a good rep).

The point could be moot, as eBay will almost certainly offer blanket insurance to all the sellers someday soon. And the listing services are helping to make it easier for sellers to offer insurance. But until the dust settles, we need to know if spending the time to implement this stuff would be worth it or not.

Note, the cost of insurance would come out of your BidSlammer balance which means you can save an additional 50% if you buy in chunks of $20 or $50. So power users pay literally pennies for insurance.

We would probably offer a blanket rate for $.75 for domestic items under $150. For international, the costs are even lower (2X the domestic rate). So $1.50 to insure an international item. And the rate would go up proportionally for anything over $150.

I voted myself -- as I have my own opinion. But we are asking you for yours.

Posted Aug 19 2009 09:13 am by Gu***st

I'd want to choose which items. Most items and sellers pack things well enough.

The big problem I've had is that UPS does not honor their insurance -- and it's the seller who must pursue the claim. I'm much more interested in an insurance product that the buyer controls.

Posted Aug 19 2009 09:29 am by Gu***st

ok that's good news, don't forget to actually vote above, there is a small vote button.

Posted Aug 19 2009 10:26 am by Gu***st

Well as expected we are seeing very little interest here. This is consistent with what I have seen on other boards. It's just hard to sell insurance to buyers. And if there is this little interest now, just think when eBay starts to offer blanket insurance to the sellers.

A better world for snipers either way, I'd say.

Posted Aug 21 2009 07:49 am by Gu***st

paypal is enough insurrance........

Posted Aug 23 2009 06:58 am by Gu***st

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