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Private auction with bidder's identities completely hidden--Question.

Posted: Sep 15 2009 02:17 PM

I'm new to sniping and have one item on my list to snipe. The auction is said to be private, and the identity of the bidder's is completely hidden. It doesn't even say something like n****0, just something like "bidder's identity is private..." Also, even though there are currently 2 bids on the item, here it says there are zero. I wanted clarify that even though this is the situation, the sniping should still work.

--thank you.

Posted Sep 15 2009 02:17 pm by Gu***st


The short answer is yes, your snipe will be placed. The explanation is in two parts:

First, the current high bidders id will always be hidden even if it is not a private auction. eBay starting hiding the identities of all bidders some time ago so you will never see the real id unless you are the high bidder.

The current number of bids not showing in your home page is a bug in our software. eBay made a change that requires us to rewrite a portion of our code in order to display that information. It is just an information display and is unrelated to the sniping action so your bid will be placed.

Posted Sep 15 2009 08:49 pm by Gu***st

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