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Some snipes not billed correctly in Oct.

Posted: Nov 13 2009 05:28 PM


We discovered that we were not correctly billing perhaps 20% of the snipes for October. This was due to eBay's item page changes last October. Therefore we adjusted many accounts and the average change was less than $1.00, depending on your usage activity. About 10-20 of the heavier users saw a bigger change, naturally.

Also when this was fixed in the program for the future, it also fixed a couple of little snafus such as the shipping charge and the currency amount. So those will show up correctly now.

You can verify the charges for each snipe on your ARCHIVE tab. If any of them do not look right, please contact us at the helpdesk asap or send a PM to an admin. We will be happy to help.

Posted Nov 13 2009 05:28 pm by Gu***st

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