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A Holiday Gift for You...

Posted: Dec 17 2009 04:33 PM


We have some very impressive longsleeve T-shirts in (see below) and some will be given as gifts to say thanks to some of the regular payers and buyers that paid either $50 or $100 in November or December (which is when we bought the shirts).

What a better way to plug our great new LONG-SLEEVE T-shirts, and as cool as the short-sleeve ones are, they are not winter-ready :-). The long-sleeved shirts are ash-color and great for the winter weather. These are thick Hanes Beefy-T, pre-shrunk, and all that.

We have lots of both left, so [u]here's how to get yours[/u]:

1. If you deposited $50 or more in November or December, a short-sleeve is FREE.

2. If you deposited $100 or more in November or December, a [u]long[/u]-sleeve is FREE.

3. Until the end of the year, any new 50/100 deposits will earn a free T-Shirt as well!

4. If you missed the window barely we can still accommodate you.

5. Otherwise, please click to [url=""]buy a short-sleeve for $9.99[/url] or [url=""]buy a long-sleeve for $14.99[/url].

No action is needed. If you bought previously, you will receive an e-mail on Sunday on how to get your penny t-shirt.



Posted Dec 17 2009 04:33 pm by Gu***st

I won a XXL T-SHIRT on last years What bid amount wins most bids you sent me a xl which does not fit, can I get xxl now? [edited]

Posted Jan 05 2010 07:35 am by Gu***st


I will forward your request on to JaySlammer. He takes care of the T-shirt stuff.

Posted Jan 05 2010 08:25 pm by Gu***st

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