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Bidslammer says I won, eBay says I didn't

Posted: Jan 23 2010 05:39 PM

Bidslammer says I won today 1/23/10

eBay says I did not.

Disney Pin Toy Story 2 Character Series - Bullseye

ebay item #360226827177

Please advise.


Posted Jan 23 2010 05:39 pm by Gu***st


I credited your account for that snipe. It looks like a situation where the bid amount was changed very close to the end of the auction. That appears to have caused the system to incorrectly mark it as a win. You may have found a bug - I will investigate further.

Posted Jan 23 2010 09:37 pm by Gu***st

Hello Again John,

It has happened again to me. The smiley face came up saying I won when I clearly lost by $1. The auction number is 370324055486. Also to note, the shipping charges showing on Bidslammer is almost always incorrect. When refreshing the page the "real time" prices that BidSlammer is showing is almost always incorrect. How long does it take BidSlammer to get the "real time" information from eBay. I had thought when eBay acquired BidSlammer that it would get better? Very much not the case. Frustrated as usual,

rockon52. Member of eBay since March 1998.

Posted Jan 29 2010 11:13 am by Gu***st


We honestly thought that problem had been solved. I haven't seen any cases like this in some time now. We will look at this item in detail - there is apparently still niche cases that we are not catching. Your account has been credited for that snipe.

I did some testing on the shipping charges. It seems that the dollar amount is always right, but the cents are being ignored. Example: a shipping charge 0f 4.50 is showing up as 4.00.

eBay did not aquire BidSlammer. In fact, as a sniping service, we are not allowed to use eBay's API, which is a programming interface for third party vendors. eBay does allow sniping, but they do not support it.

Posted Jan 29 2010 10:25 pm by Gu***st

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