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Auction Results Incorrect

Posted: Feb 17 2010 09:51 AM

A few weeks ago, BidSlammer showed that I won an item that I did not. Just today, BidSlammer shows that I did not win an item but I did. Please advise on what may be causing this and how it can be corrected. Thanks!

Posted Feb 17 2010 09:51 am by Gu***st


If you could post the item numbers I will check the log files. That will give us some additional information.

Posted Feb 17 2010 09:59 am by Gu***st

The item number is 200438090616. Thanks!

Posted Feb 17 2010 10:05 am by Gu***st

Ok, this was just posted on my home page:

[i]Bachman SPectrum 2-8-0 Consolidation

ebay item #200438090616

You missed the minimum bid increment. A bid of 47.10 was needed to win.[/i][u][/u]

However, I did not miss the bid as I won the item for $47.10 on Ebay. Also, BidSlammer shows that this item had free shipping but there was a $5 shipping fee listed for the item on ebay.


Posted Feb 17 2010 02:06 pm by Gu***st


Actually, it looks like you won the item for 46.10. Our system goes back after the auction is over to determine the winner. In this instance, eBay did not return the information. Our software misreported the win due to lack of information. It's kind of an infrequent glitch where expected information doesn't get returned, but I will see if we can adjust our programming to catch that situation.

In this case it went in your favor, so no harm done. If it goes the other way where you get billed for something you didn't win, we would like to know right away so we can credit your account. Each time we see cases like this we write a fix, but eBay is constantly changing so it is quite a task to keep up with them.

On the misreported shipping, we are aware of the problem and are working on a fix now. Thanks for the heads up.

Posted Feb 17 2010 08:23 pm by Gu***st

I greatly appreciate the explination and certainly understand the challenges of chasing technology changes that Ebay is constantly performing!

Posted Feb 17 2010 09:38 pm by Gu***st

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