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Bid-groups restored; "triple snipe" issue resolved

Posted: Apr 22 2010 12:01 PM


We took bid groups down for 24 hours but they're back up now. We wanted to make sure there were no serious issues or changes.

We did find something interesting. As you know we double-bid all snipes. That's why you don't see huge reports of misses or massive complaints on this forum. However, there were some reports of snipes that you won showing up as a lose.

It was happening because our database server [u]was doing a third snipe[/u], a triple snipe. The first and second snipes worked harmoniously to win your item. But, the third snipe would overwrite the status of the "win" as a "lose."

So that is why the complaints were so rare, and difficult to track down. There should be no problems after this point.

and p.s. Thank you for your reports -- we're glad we put the forum up last year, this has really helped us keep the system super-fine-tuned.

Posted Apr 22 2010 12:01 pm by Gu***st

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