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"Waiting" Status

Posted: Jul 20 2010 06:24 AM

Since Sunday, July 18th, I still have 5 snipes that have a status of "Waiting". The text associated with each item reads "Snipe placed, but we could not determine win status. If problem continues please contact customer service asap."

In an attempt to "contact customer service asap." I used the "Help Center" link which forwarded me to the "" page where I created 4 separate tickets. I was assigned ticket numbers U8137JEEBM, 332NNEJLQ7, BJ95LBVVNW, and TDSRDEDE9S.

Those tickets were accessible until Tuesday, July 20th, but are now "ticket not found". I never received a reply on any of the tickets. I did, however, receive confirming emails that the tickets had been created.

I need assistance please. Where is "Customer Support"?

Posted Jul 20 2010 06:24 am by Gu***st


I responded to your other ticket. We moved all help links to:

BidSlammer Help Center | Home

We apologize for the confusion! If you can give me a few of the item numbers I will investigate right away.

Note - there is a message posted on your home page also.

Posted Jul 20 2010 06:43 pm by Gu***st

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