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My Snipe Balance was Wiped Out!

Posted: Sep 01 2009 04:55 PM


Today I logged in to my BidSlammer account to place a snipe and soon discovered that my snipe balance of around $7-$8 was completely wiped out to read $0!!

Please assist me asap in regaining my rightful balance. I have been a loyal customer for years now!

The item I am interested in in sniping is ending in few hours!!

Thanks, -J.T. Brown

Posted Sep 01 2009 04:55 pm by Gu***st

Hello J.T.,

Your last purchase was $10 back in '06. If you haven't been to the service in a while we had posted several announcements and sent some e-mail about bidslammer 2.0 and the pricing changes.

1) We don't charge for misses anymore.

2) We don't expire free portions of dollars. The old methods caused a lot of confusion as the free portions were mixed with real money.

3) We had expirations of free bucks in the user agreement - but we as a courtesy we grandfathered in Nov 2007 and later.

Purchases won't expire, ever, and neither will any other free dollars (since we don't do double bucks anymore). The new model is based on getting less money up front and giving away more service like the free search tool.

Posted Sep 01 2009 05:50 pm by Gu***st

This is a TOTAL SURPRISE and I'd appreciate it if you could please reinstate my balance. It's not very professional to "bury" expiration details into the fine print, especially when your website says explicitly "Your snipe balance will never, ever expire."

Yes, My last purchase was for double bucks ($20 worth) in November, 2006 and my My Last snipe was last year sometime.

If you wish to keep me as a continued customer, I again am asking you to reinstate my balance (consider it making an exception to grandfather in a loyal customer who had no clue that the snipe balance would ever expire) and make any future "Free bucks" offers VERY CLEAR that they will expire - If I had known this in the first place I probably would not have made the purchase at all.

There are a dozen other snipe services out there. Please let me know if you will honor the intent of my original purchase.

Thanks, -JT

Posted Sep 01 2009 06:38 pm by Gu***st


Well, yes, I know, but ...paraphrasing what I said above, we gave you free service all last year. That's why it was a surprised. We sent e-mail. ;-)

We don't hide our terms or do fine print at purchase time. I'll make sure the boss sees your letter. We don't want anyone unhappy.

Posted Sep 01 2009 07:42 pm by Gu***st

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