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Not Happy can you do more then apologize

Posted: Sep 02 2009 09:49 AM

ebay item #270447570469

Bid not placed due to unknown error, BidSlammer staff has been alerted to this miss. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I need to trust this service or what's the use? I placed a higher bid on a similar item a few hours later - this missed item should have been mine or at least the seller deserved more money. I am not happy.

Posted Sep 02 2009 09:49 am by Gu***st


I checked the log files, but was unable to find any additional information on this snipe. In almost all cases we can find a specific reason when a snipe misses, but once in awhile a mystery pops up. This is one of those times.

I apologize that I cannot be of further help.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Sep 02 2009 10:51 pm by Gu***st


Would it somehow make a difference to me if you could find additional information as to why Bid Slammer failed?

I own a restaurant and understand and sympathize with the occasional mystery. When it hurts a customer however I make an attempt to do something to make the customer happy.

You wrote that you can be of no further help and that's sad. Customer Care reps should be able to make decisions that matter.

Please escalate this ticket to a supervisor who can offer me something more then "sorry we failed and we don't know why".


Posted Sep 03 2009 06:18 am by Gu***st


John spent considerable time investigating your snipe, I'm sorry we can't offer a specific reason. But yes, we can give you additional information. First look at our forum and you will see we explain misses virtually every time. We track EVERYTHING and we give you EVERY piece of information we have, most of which is usually reported in the interface. Most services don't do that. I don't believe we missed this due to our fault, as no one has reported a missed snipe for any unexplained reason in a long time.

Second, check out our blog for 20 reasons on why you can miss just for set up issues alone. There are a lot of sniping services out there whose forums you can read for comparison research, when you have a moment.

Thank you for taking the time to write in. We are always happy to help.

Posted Sep 03 2009 07:43 am by Gu***st

So let me get this straight.

You don't know why you failed.

You can't offer a specific reason.

You suggest I try to figure it out myself by reading a forum.

You normally give every bit of information you can but in my case you have no information and you are proud of that somehow because other snipe services I don't use don't do that.

You don't think you failed because no one has reported a missed snipe for any unexplained reason in a long time.

I guess this one doesn't count since I have not provided you with a reason?

I read the blog before I sent off my first ticket.

And again you praise you service for being unique.

To top it off you do not offer me a bone of compensation for your failure and give yourself a pat on the back for "always being happy to help"

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Try this one on for size or pass it by someone in Customer Care who "gets it" and has some authority.

Gee whiz Tom, we are awfully sorry we screwed up. We can't tell you why and we're sorry about that too. We will continue to try our best to iron out these bugs when they crop up. Please understand that we really do try to do the best we can and we are confident we do a better job then any of our competitors. We could understand why you might not be feeling the same and as a gesture we would like to offer you thirty dollars on your account and ask that you continue to earn your trust.

Would that be a satisfactory resolution to you Tom?

I look forward to your response.

Customer Care Rep


Posted Sep 03 2009 08:14 am by Gu***st


It appears that the real problem here is not a missed snipe, it's the failure on our part to offer "money".

I never considered money as a solution and am not considering it now. If you don't trust our service then additional money will make no difference. Money does not build trust, service does, which we have provided for you since 2006.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Sep 03 2009 08:39 am by Gu***st


Bye the way, thirty dollars is more than you have spent in 3 years of service with us.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Sep 03 2009 08:41 am by Gu***st


You write "I never considered money as a solution and am not considering it now. If you don't trust our service then additional money will make no difference."

You never offered anything.

The only "solution" you ever offered was sorry, please go read this, we are better then the rest.

I guess my next customer who complains a meal is not up to their expectations is no better then an extortionist. What choice would I have? I might offend them or my own sensibilities by offering them something as crass as free services.

I am asking for service in the form or a credit, I am not asking for cash or even a hamburger. If you had offered me something at all tangible I might not have felt forced to ask on my own.

I've trusted BidSlammer for three years and in exchange the company has been compensated. You are correct money does not build trust. But please remember that we wouldn't be involved in this exchange if BidSlammer had succeeded the part of the negotiations I trusted you to complete.

I think it's pretty strange that you are at all interested in what I have spent or how long I have been a client.

Still not happy and it is pretty obvious you do not care.


Posted Sep 03 2009 09:19 am by Gu***st

Bye the way is spelled by the way.

Posted Sep 03 2009 09:20 am by Gu***st


I am unclear as to what action you wish me to take. You can post on our forum if you want other user opinions of your point of view.

It isn't trust, I would need access to your account to know for certain and experiment on certain seller listings.

Depends on what you perceive as honesty. We gave you an honest answer. This is why I asked you to research other boards, there are some silly explanations out there. If you see it as mistrust I can only shrug and wonder why.

As you are pressing us for more information, respectfully, there is a history of of inquiries in the customer account with intensive arguing, but where the problem is with the customer account. In addition to the possible causes in our "risks" section we advertise, I see several blocks in your account, more than the norm, for example. There could be an "honest" accidental policy violation.



BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Sep 03 2009 03:10 pm by Gu***st

The honest answer you have given me is that you don't have a clue why my bid was missed.

I don't know why you are suggesting I post my views on a customer forum. I've never paid any of your other posters to perform a service for me so I don't see what that has to do with this discussion.

If I told a guest in my restaurant that I didn't know why his food was spoiled I would still be at fault and it would still be my responsibility to try and make him happy.

Usually when my establishment makes a mistake I buy a meal or invite the folks back at a discount.

When I tell customer care what exactly it is I want I get John D's rude response.

When I suggest that he instead makes an appropriate offer I get Jay's response that he is unclear what action I wish him to take.

I have no idea what blocks in my account means. I do know that the last time I went to use the account that my balance had disappeared. I certainly hope you are not implying that I have somehow violated a policy either accidentally or otherwise.

Is there anyone in Customer Care who really cares?

Posted Sep 03 2009 03:32 pm by Gu***st


You are correct, we don't have a clue as to how it was missed and that is the first thing we said above.

No worries. Make sure to go to and read the article on "20 ways to miss snipes." Your feedback is very important to us. We appreciate your taking the time to write in. If you have any future problems please make sure to write us.



BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Sep 03 2009 05:36 pm by Gu***st

Mr. Brokamp:

This is the CEO writing. We are refunding your account in full. We are sorry for any problems.

As you asked for me to be involved it may not be the answer you want.

We did place your snipe. You are confusing "Bidding" with "sniping". We did snipe.

What wasn't made clear here is that your snipe WAS placed. It DID fire at precisely the agreed upon time. eBay did not accept it. This points to a problem on the bidder's side, and we can't imply what the problem might be without offending someone.

Our job is to attempt a snipe. We did that as agreed. It's your job to make sure all the rest -- 20 to 30 other conditions -- are correctly set in place. See blog.

I agree with your analogy on the restaurant. If a customer is reasonable I will refund their money and do anything it takes to get them back. But the owner has to consider whether that customer detracts from the experience from all the other people in the restaurant. In this case we have spent more time with you than all customers combined for the last 3 weeks. Not to mention that we've been through this before, so I just don't understand the problem. "We screwed up!" doesn't seem to be good enough here.

Thank you for trying our service we wish you the best of luck on eBay. We are truly sorry you were not happy.

Posted Sep 03 2009 06:17 pm by Gu***st

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