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change subscription

Posted: Sep 12 2009 07:29 AM

Hi -

I would like to change my subscription level from unlimited monthly to pay as I go. I was just charged the monthly fee. Please either change it for me or let me know how I can change it myself.


Alissa Danchig

Posted Sep 12 2009 07:29 am by Gu***st


If you want, you can go to PayPal, cancel the subscription (locate the payment page for the S-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX payment. Then click cancel subscription). Then I will use that as credit in your account so you don't have to pay again.

Let me know when you cancelled it.

Posted Sep 12 2009 09:40 am by Gu***st


Ok I found the subscription and cancelled it for you and gave you a 24.95 balance. Thanks for your business all the years. If you need anything else please let us know.

Posted Sep 12 2009 09:58 am by Gu***st

Thanks very much. I love your service. I'm just not buying as much.



Posted Sep 12 2009 11:48 am by Gu***st

no problem. give me your mailing address and size I'll mail you a t-shirt.

Posted Sep 12 2009 12:18 pm by Gu***st

how nice of you.

22 Lockeland Ave. Unit 2 Arlington, MA 02476

thanks much!


Posted Sep 12 2009 12:21 pm by Gu***st


One more thing...let us know what size you want so we make sure to send something that fits. Thanks again.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Sep 12 2009 10:08 pm by Gu***st

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