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my recent support ref. Ticket 3943

Posted: Sep 24 2009 02:43 AM

Dear Sirs,

Obviously there is no more oportunity to open my ticket 3943 which was started in spring 2009 under ticket # 4043 any more.

I was in touch with "Ted W." in in March and April 2009, concerning a translation of bidslammer in German language.

An American friend had drawn my attention on noreply's bidslammer request asking for a native German to check your new project.

I was offered to receive US-$ 100.00 credit in regards to bidslammer and I asked to get it credit it to my friends account: " Speedfreak111 ".

By chance my friend Tom Price asked me for the status of my "German bid slammer support", and he had to state, that the promised amount of US-$ 100 was not credited in his favour so far.

May I ask you to check, how this matter might be cleared?

Yours sincerely


Henning Ritter

Wuppertaler Str. 147

42653 Solingen


Tel.: 02 12 - 59 19 94

Fax: 02 12 - 59 19 92




-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----

Von: BidSlammer, Inc. [mailto:[edited]]

Gesendet: Freitag, 3. April 2009 03:40

An: [edited]

Betreff: Ticket 3943, Translation

Re: Ticket 3943, Responded

Dear Henning Ritter

A new message has been added to the service request #3943.


No problem. You can see it above. It is, and the userid and password is "demo".

Thank you so much =!

You can view and update your inquiry here:

Ticket 3943 <>

ACCESS KEY: 3943Z3229572376659997810

Ted W.

BidSlammer, Inc. Help Desk

Posted Sep 24 2009 02:43 am by Gu***st

Hello Mr. Ritter,

BidSlammer changed ownership in the summer. Do you have the correspondence? All I have here is a lot of correspondence but it is mainly efforts by BidSlammer to contact you or Mr. Price. There were a considerable number of outstanding questions, etc. In fact the German release appears to have been held up several months. The correspondence gives the reader the impression that you were no longer interested.

What seems to have happened is that Mr. Price has run out of funds, and now wishes to review the situation... I don't mind honoring a relatively old agreement but I would at least need to see that correspondence. The circumstances warrant further review.

Posted Sep 24 2009 10:10 am by Gu***st


Please advise how to get opened my recent service request ticket # 3943 and

ticket # 4043 that I was referring to.

Obviously you had the chance to open it, otherwise you could not refer to "a lot of correspondence" in that matter.

The last responds by Ted W. BidSlammer, Inc. Help Desk

are stating that Ted W. suggested honouring my previous detailed report and statements by crediting US-$ 100. BidSlammer/ Ted. W. had no more questions in regards to my written information so I was convinced, that the credit to

my favour would be executed sometime.

By the way: it was not me nor my US-Friend who asked for any balance for my support, it was YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE offering to honour my detailed report.

Please advise.

Henning Ritter



Posted Sep 25 2009 07:02 am by Gu***st


This is a new ticket system and the old tickets are on our database. I would have to re-install "TTX" package for you to view them.

I don't mind helping but please understand this is a very unusual situation for us. I don't know how to respond to a customer that demands $100. I am unable to locate an account for you. I think what it comes down to is whether or not your work was used.



I understand that your schedule is very hectic with your business trips and it would appear at this time that you will not be available to help us finish the German site. This is no problem at all but as a professional courtesy please understand that we are going to have to find some additional help for this project. The project is being held up and we must launch soon. We would really like to hear from you however so that we can use your suggestions ;-)


Posted Sep 25 2009 08:01 am by Gu***st

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