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lag on bids errors & wrong bid messages

Posted: Oct 09 2009 08:05 PM

This is now my third attempt to communicate with you about problems I have been experiencing with BidSlammer. My first attempt acknowledged that I had a bug problem and assurances were given it would be fixed. This problem related to BidSlammer indicating I had lost bids when in fact I won them. I only knew from direct eBay notification messages. To date the problem still hasn't been fixed the continues (more than 3 weeks have passed!).

I am also now getting a more worrying problem occurring and I notified BidSlammer about this more than afortnight ago but received no answer. The problem is that my bids do not register due to "eBay lag" (this is what your message says) and I have missed out on several bids made because of the unreliability of BisSlammer of late. Please acknowledge this request for a remedy and do something! If no satisfaction is received soon, I will be forced to abandon BidSlammer and look for an alternative proxy bidding system.

Regards, Carl

Posted Oct 09 2009 08:05 pm by Gu***st


All tickets get an answer. We do not pick and choose which customers we would like to respond to. If you do not receive an answer, check your spam folder or check the ticket using the email you received when you opened it.

If an items win status is not recorded correctly please report it as soon as possible and include the item number. This is not a system wide problem so we need specific information to troubleshoot the problem.

eBay lag means that the eBay server did not respond to our bid until after the auction ended. An example of this is item number 350260259020.

We placed the snipe at 12:41:00. A response came back from eBay at 12:41:10, a full 10 seconds after the snipe was placed. The auction ended at 12:41:09. Normal response time is 2-4 seconds.

We do adjust our snipe times when we see lag occuring, as in the case above. Unfortunately, it cannot be predicted and there is no fix. Every sniping service, along with every manual bidder, is affected when eBay does not respond in a timely manner.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Oct 09 2009 08:37 pm by Gu***st

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