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Can I change (or delete) my bid at the last possible moment?

Yes.   We double-check your bid right before we snipe, to see if you changed (or deleted) it.

To change a bid value, just enter the new bid value in the text area and click the UPDATE BID button .

Immediately before placing your snipe, we check to see if you have changed the bid value, and use the latest value you provided. So, you can change the bid to zero (0 or 0.00) and we'll honor it.

You can change your bid at least 2 seconds before your lead time choice. For example, if you selected a 3-second lead time, then you can change the bid 4 seconds prior to closing.

To delete a bid (snipe), just set the bid value to zero (0 or 0.00) and click the DELETE BID button .