How could eBay sniping be any easier? Check out our Ten Reasons to Snipe.

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Startup Checklist

Make sure to perform all the steps below to ensure you will win the most auctions possible.

  • Ensure that we have your correct eBay credentials at all times.

    If you change your eBay password while you have snipes pending, all your snipes will miss.
  • Ensure that you have confirmed your primary PayPal address and linked your PayPal account to your eBay account.

    Sellers can block you if your PayPal address isn't confirmed and linked.
  • Ensure that your PayPal Security Key is turned off (if you have one).

    We can't snipe auctions where the Seller specified to block buyers without PayPal keys.
  • Ensure that your eBay password is secure.

    eBay is more stringent on security when bids come from a sniping service. Let's say that again, since most people don't understand this the first time they hear it. We are considered to be a third party by eBay --- and so they add a level of strictness to the credentials we submit on your behalf. So, if your password contains any English word, we suggest you change it right away. Substitute '@' for 'a', '3' for 'e', and so on. action="index.html" method="post"> Use meta-characters such as 3 and ! to substitute for Make sure to update it here after you have done so.