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What Features Come With the Power Pack Upgrade?

When you upgrade to BidSlammer's pay service (either subscription plan or individual snipes), you will be equipped with all of the best tools that you need to outwit your other buyers that do not use them!

Please see the full comparison table.

1.   Multiple Snipes / Locations

Our flagship service offering of unprecedented accuracy since 2003. We place multiple snipes from multiple locations. We even report the exact time of each individual snipe for every item number.

6.   3-Second Snipe Times

Choose from a wide range of snipe lead times from 15 down to 1 second!   We were the first service to market a sniper based on a 3-second lead time option years ago. Today, we're the only service that advertises a 1 second option.

2.   Import Watch List

We can import both your Watch List and Bidding List from eBay with one click.

7.   Outbid Notices

We monitor your auctions and alert you within 4 hours of being outbid.

3.   Bid Groups

"Bid Until You Win." Save money on items by grouping similar auctions together — and just win one item. After you win one snipe in the group, we'll turn off all other snipes in that group.

8.   Auction TribuneSM

Make a list of searches. We'll scout for items 24/7 and alert you by email when new items are listed. It can also send you a Daily Digest Summary.

4.   Reserve Price Detection

We notify you when an auction has a reserve, to bring attention to curiously low-priced items.

9.   Lifetime Archive

We save all snipes you've ever executed with us, even if you cancel and come back later.

5.   Automatic Daily Refreshes

We refresh your items often, so that the bid counts and current prices of your snipes are always up to date.

10.   Customer Service Priority

Paid customers receive priority service.