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How Do I Use the "Perfect Penny" Chart?

NOTE: This article applies equally to all currencies and eBay sites. Apologies for using the term "pennies," but we coined this term over a decade ago and would like to keep using it. :-)

The Wins vs. Pennies chart shows you how often you win using certain penny values.

The Perfect Penny snipe is a combination of a little research and a lot of luck. Looking at a group of wins and losses relative to penny value that won them, you can determine if you should bid on or near a bid-increment boundary --- or add a few pennies just in case.

In general, penny values of 49 and 99 have the best results, because they rest right on the boundary of the">Minimum Bid Increment. As an example, we think the following customer should try using penny values of 49 and 99.