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You're at the top of your game. Nice work guys...
stealthbidz | Feb 08 02:41PM

The new interface is much better. Thanks for the update.
Hoang | Feb 03 11:25PM

Anyone else having trouble with the new layout?
Teiren | Jan 10 08:47PM

@tinker - Yes, you're right. Edit made. Thank you for the suggestion.
bidslammer | Oct 07 09:27AM

tinkertots | Oct 07 07:37AM

[URL removed]
errewdacsdccsevd | Oct 06 07:11PM

This used to be my backup service, now it's the only one i use. keep up the good work guys!
bikerhawg | Oct 05 12:42PM

Hi, no we did not miss any snipes due to Captcha rejections (unless the password itself was incorrect and not updated).
bidslammer | Oct 03 09:49AM

A few new helpful features

We have a few new cool features. These are really just some features we have had in the past, but they worked a bit intermittently, because eBay was changing their pages a lot.

1. In your list of snipes, hovering over an image will show ALL thumbnails images for that auction. So if the item has 12 images, you can see them all at a glance.

2. If an item has a blue "people" icon, you can hover over it to see the entire bid history for that item. It updates each time you hover over the icon.

3. You can now import your Bidding List from eBay. This is the list of items on which you are bidding currently. The "import Watch List" feature is still there; we've had that for many years.

Good luck sniping!

BidSlammer Logo 5 comment(s) | posted Nov 01 2017 12:00 PM

Some New Features

We have released some new features and added a little more icing to the cake.

Smoother loading times and pagination - If you have a lot of items, the page will load much faster now.

Login with eBay userid. Your BidSlammer userid will not be used anymore; you will log in with your eBay ID.

12 languages. - You can select your favorite language from the pulldown on the homepage.

Refresh timeout - There is a refresh timer of 120 seconds for the refresh to keep people from spamming the button.

Built-in search - There's a search engine built directly into your home page now.

Smoother loading times - The search engine to eBay is now built in directly to your homepage. This is a very easy way of adding snipes. Try it out!

Countdown timers - On your Completed and Watched pages, you will now see countdown timers for the ending times on your snipes.

Social sharing - When you win a snipe, we will post links to twitter and Facebook in case you want to celebrate. We would love for you to use these, as these help spread the word!

New API - We have released version 2 of our Sniping API. The API is for developers to create new applications, or to white label and application under a different name. For more information, please consult the Sniping API instructions.

We hope you will enjoy the new features. Regards, BidSlammer
BidSlammer Logo 3 comment(s) | posted Jan 10 2017 11:30 AM

No...eBay is not Cracking Down on Sniping

This summer of 2016, a popular ecommerce newsletter that we like published an article that eBay was blocking snipe bids. Users everywhere asked, "Is eBay blocking all sniping services or just (our competitor)?"

Four months later, we still get emails asking about this, so we thought we'd author a short post explaining what really happened, and why we were not affected.

A few years ago, there was a similar uproar when eBay started adding Captcha to random logins. But it was not really random. It was happening for weak passwords used at an IP address other than your own computer.

And the most recent change this summer appears to have been that they were now adding Captcha after a few failed login attempts. (The only thing that can get past a Captcha box is a human being.)

So back to the question, why was the competitor affected and not us? The reason is because any sniping service not looking for that situation will become blocked from eBay, on a per-customer basis. Then, finally, after enough of those blocks, a permanent ban occurs.

We think that's what happened with the competitor. A refactoring of their legacy software code may have been required, and we happen to know that they had purchased their software on eBay years ago from a third party. So they may have had a learning curve. And the problem went on long enough, perhaps a couple days or more, and eBay blocked the competitor entirely.

We don't envy that situation, as for emergencies, snipe services are generally on their own. Maintaining a sniping service is a lot like sleeping under the Sword of Damocles. We have to be on the alert at all times!

The short version: we doubt that eBay is going to crack down on snipers any time soon. If they did, they would lose many power buyers across 20+ countries.

We hope this article helped you gain an understanding of why we have to ask you to verify your credentials periodically. Good luck sniping!

BidSlammer Logo 7 comment(s) | posted Sep 29 2016 12:00 AM

Bulletproof your Account: How to Snipe Smarter and Start Winning More Auctions

This article describes the steps that all new snipers (and even experienced ones!) should know intimately. If you execute each of the steps below very carefully, and do not bleep over any steps with assumptions, then your success rate will go up, without question. These are the steps your opponents are taking to ensure their wins. Each condition below, if not met, may decrease the likelihood of a win.

eBay continues to crack down on security and give sellers more and more ways to make block bids, for mutual safety. Sellers can block buyers based on criteria, or eBay can randomly throw up interim pages that require your acceptance. These things defeat sniper programs.

1. Check executed snipe times.

Remember that our job is to place snipes, so the first thing to check is whether or not your snipe actually executed. Just go to your “Completed Snipes” tab to check to see if the snipes fired, because we list the actual snipe times there. We place 2-3 bids from different locations and so if you see these snipe times fire, it means we got the same result for all of the snipes.

2. Is your eBay information up to date?

We cannot do much on your behalf without the correct eBay password. You can verify it in BidSlammer Preferences; the link is in the upper-right hand corner of your snipe home page.

3. How secure is your eBay password, really?

eBay scores passwords. eBay is more stringent on bids which do not originate from your computer. Stated differently, eBay is more lenient on the password security if you bid from your own computer. If you are bidding through an outside computer, like one of ours, it can result in a random security step or “Captcha” box on login through which snipes cannot penetrate.

If you have an English (or other language) word in your password, change it at eBay right now. Example terrible passwords are: Bidding123, iheartauctions, 8fish4dinner, ThisIsATerrblePassword123, Bingo@home#!. Many customers insist these should be good enough passwords, but they are, in fact, not desireable — simply because they use English words or proper nouns.

We have found the best kinds of passwords are ones that substitute numbers for letters, with a symbol tossed in, such as “Auct!on@Lov3r”.

After changing the password at eBay, update it in BidSlammer Preferences; the link is in the upper-right hand corner of your snipe home page.

4. eBay’s Minimum Bid Increment

For a bid to register on eBay, the "minimum bid increment" must be added to the current price.

To avoid misses due to bid increment, make sure to "pad" your bid by as much as $5 to $100! More information is available at our link explaining eBay's minimum bid increment.

5. Proxy bids

Always bid as high as you are willing to pay. It is possible for snipes to be outbid at the moment they are placed by eBay's proxy bidding system. It applies to every bid ever placed on an auction in the history of eBay.

eBay only displays the minimum price needed to be fair to all buyers. If you bid $1000 on an item with a current price of $500, eBay will show the price to be $500 plus the bid increment, and keep your other $500 secret. If someone else bids $750, then their bid is registered at eBay, and they immediately receive a "you are outbid" message as soon as they click SUBMIT. This is called proxy bidding.

The error message page we receive looks like this:

6. Ensure three (3) PayPal measures are in place

Many sellers place a general block on anyone not meeting their requirements. So, there are three account measures you need to make before you snipe:

  1. Link your PayPal account and eBay account.
  2. Confirm your Primary Address at PayPal.
  3. Turn off your PayPal security key.

7. Are you using a PO Box?

Some sellers will not accept bids from buyers using PO Boxes.

8. Did you buy from the seller before?

We see this often. Sellers can only allow one purchase per customer. This is more common than you may think, and it results in the vague error message below.

Also, sellers can also just outright block you. On a few occasions, we’ve had customers write us with profanity, and then we find, not surprisingly, that their previous sellers blocked them outright.

9. Does your seller ship to your country?

Many foreign sellers do not ship to the US. Please double-check the auction description.

10. Do you have unpaid item strikes?

Many sellers block transactions to buyers with 2 or more unpaid item strike(s).

11. Be careful with Buy-it-Now auctions

eBay rejects bids for Buy-it-Now auctions when the bid was above or equal to the Buy-It-Now price. If you think about that, it makes sense, because eBay is preventing unnecessary overpayment.

You can still bid on the item. The item must be converted to an auction before it can be sniped, by placing a manual bid on the auction that is less than the Buy-it-Now price.

Also, someone could have just bought the item outright before it ended.

12. Did your seller end the item early?

The seller may have ended the listed early because the item may no longer be available, there was an error in the auction, or the seller wanted to end the auction and sell to the current highest bidder.

13. Bidding on tickets, guns, knives, cutlery, or cosmetics?

We cannot accept legal terms on your behalf.

Each of the named situations results in a special authorization to purchase these items from the seller, and produces a dialog requiring you to accept their terms.

Some of them, like cosmetics, require an age disclaimer dialog.

See the next item for examples of some of these error messages.

14. Consumer Recall and Export Restrictions

Accepting export regulations on behalf of someone else is a violation of United States law. 'Nuff said.

To get around this, you have to purchase one of their items manually and accept their terms first with the same eBay ID that you use with our service.

Here are some of the very lengthy messages we encounter:

"It appears this item is restricted for export by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR, Parts 120-130) or the Department of Commerce under the Bureau of Industry (BIS) and Security Export Administration Regulations, EAR (15 CFR, Parts 730-774). ITAR restricted items require an export license granted from the DOS Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) prior to export. EAR restricted items may or may not require a license, depending on the end user and the ultimate country of destination."

"Directing the seller to export without complying with the regulatory licensing and documentation requirements is a violation of United States law. Please consult DDTC?S website at and BIS?S website at for more guidance. Also, please refer to eBay?s Military Items Policy for additional information."

"This item is regulated by Part 121 of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). By bidding on or purchasing this item, you confirm that you're buying this item for your own use, that you're a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S., and that you won't export this item outside of the U.S."

15. Oh, there's more.

There are a few other situations we did not describe here. A full list of other possible situations you may encounter is on our Status Messages page.

Subscribe to this blog, and stay apprised of any new updates or status messages.

Good luck sniping!

BidSlammer Logo 0 comment(s) | posted Sep 01 2015 12:00 AM

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