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What is Sniping? Why is it better than regular bidding?

Sniping is the act of placing your bid in the closing seconds of an auction, in order to hide your interest from other bidders, and avoid emotional price escalation that would otherwise happen.

Why is sniping better than regular bidding?

There are many reasons why you should let us snipe your eBay bid and win for you:

  1. Mask your interest.
    People usually bid emotionally when they know someone else is interested. When you bid on an item, the public knows of your interest and the sense of competition heightens. BidSlammer protects your privacy and bids on your behalf, and no one knows about your bid until you have won the auction!

  2. Save money and hassle by reducing emotional price escalations by other bidders.
    When you outbid someone, the previous bidders are immediately notified, and usually go back drive up the price. If you snipe, they won't have time to up the price on you. An auction sniper takes away the frustration of bidding wars and frees you from having to remember to go in and bid at the last second manually.

  3. People that use us rely heavily on us.
    Any eBay power buyer will tell you the only way to guarantee a win is to be there at the last second, to hide your interest and avoid emotional price escalation by you and other bidders.

  4. Use what others are using to beat you.
    Although only about 5% of eBay users know about sniping, those are the ones that know what they are doing. Use BidSlammer to compete head-on.

  5. No need to tie a string around your finger.
    Most eBay users wait until the end of the auction to bid, which requires you to set a reminder. If you use a sniping service, you never have to set a reminder again. they forgot to tie a string on their finger.

  6. Slow Internet connections don't matter.
    Some users live in rural areas with spotty access where manual sniping isn't reliable. Sniping to the rescue!